Perhaps Fritalian?

I’ve always found Seattle’s coffee culture a little ridiculous, and apparently Dunkin’ Donuts thinks so too.

This commerical is a couple of years old, but it’s resurfaced as Dunkin’ Donuts amps up its advertising in its quest to become America’s new coffee king. A recent Seattle P-I article states that DD is expanding nationally to challenge Starbucks.

So in addition to McDonald’s, Starbucks has another big competitor to worry about. Will a nationwide three-hour training help the company get back on track?


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3 responses to “Perhaps Fritalian?

  1. I thought this commercial was hilarious (maybe it’s just the stupidness of the jingle/song), but then I thought to myself… the word LATTE IS Italian! So no matter what, in Dunkin Donuts you’ll still technically be ordering in Italian! – amy @

  2. Jene

    I am very supportive of what Shultz is trying to do, but the execution is lacking. Yes, now that I dont live in Seattle, I drink Starbucks. I understand the hatred to some degree (although they started small too…) but once you move away from Seattle it is damn near impossible to get a good cup of coffee. While Starbucks isnt *good,* it is consistent.

    The Starbucks by my work made a real attempt the first morning – and had a line backed up of about 30 people. They had to shut one machine down, and the other… well they were throwing away about every third set of shots. AMAZING to see that your machines produce crap shots of espresso when you stop pouring them directly into the paper cups.

    But, then I realized they havent changed out the machines – they are still using the automated crap you see at a gas station, and they are still burning the milk. Clearly it is going to take more than a 3 hour training.

    (by the way, my quotes/apostrophe key is broken! ha.)

  3. Lynn

    As a native New Yorker, I have to say…I miss Dunkin’ Donuts. Seriously, their coffee IS spectacular. And I’m not even a real coffee drinker. The best part? I think they train their employees in perfect coffee making because you ask THEM to put the cream and sugar in for you and it’s always the perfect amount. It’s kind of creepy. And the donuts…. Oh how I miss DD.

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