Bonjour, monsieur

The French do things with more style and make it seem effortless. That’s why there’s so much tension between France and America. France is the beautiful girl at the nightclub who attracts scores of men without even trying, and we’re the less attractive (but funnier) friend who gets stuck holding her purse while she goes off to dance.

Even an American classic–the grilled cheese sandwich–is done better by the French. The French version is called a croque monsieur and consists of ham and gruyere cheese.

I’ve been sampling croque monsieur sandwiches all over Seattle, and my current favorite is at Cafe Presse on Capitol Hill. Covered in Bechamel sauce, it is decadent but small so you don’t feel like a glutton. And it’s only six bucks. Vive la France!

Croque monsieur


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3 responses to “Bonjour, monsieur

  1. mmm….Presse.

    Next time you’re two blocks away from us, give us a call for pete’s sakes 🙂

  2. AlkiT

    Croque monsieur was the special sandwhich at Capers in West Seattle yesterday. I didn’t try it (cilantro tuna, generally yummy but a little more mayo than I’m a fan of) but did overhear a fairly hillarious exchange between the person at the counter and someone who wanted to order one but didn’t know how to pronounce it.

  3. Lorraine

    Ah! Croque monsieur. Where was Madeline’s incredibly entertaining and informative blog when I was in Paris 20 years ago? Okay, so she was only, like 9 at the time, but after eating ANY Parisian food, how can one ever expect to be satisfied with most American food — much less the hum-drum grilled cheese sandwhich — ever again? My first quest this weekend? Finding the best CM in town. Keep up the great work on this mouth-watering blog — our taste buds need you.

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