My chocolate crossaint can beat up your chocolate croissant

Delite Bakery chocolate croissant
Before I got married, I lived in an apartment building located next to Delite Bakery. When I walked out each morning to catch the bus to work, I was enveloped in the sweet smell of donuts and cakes. How I did not gain 50 pounds living by that place, I do not know.

Delite specializes in Filipino confections but has a wide array of delectable treats to satisfy sweet tooths of every race, color and creed. I’m currently obsessed with their chocolate croissants. They are the best in the city and crush all competitors in sheer size alone. Look at one in relation to a phone book!
Chocolate croissant and phone book

You get a mouthful of delectable chocolate in every bite. The amount of chocolate you get is almost obscene. The croissant has a fat chocolate filling, is drizzled with chocolate and each end is dunked in chocolate.
Chocolate croissant interior

I’d provide a link to Delite, but it doesn’t have a Web site and probably never will. Find it at 2701 15th Ave. S. in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. If you stop by, and they are out of chocolate croissants, don’t fret. You can special order them.



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6 responses to “My chocolate crossaint can beat up your chocolate croissant

  1. Yeah, but how is their ensaymada?

  2. Jene

    that is a HUGE croissant!

  3. Lynn

    Madeline has initiated me into the cult of the giant chocolate croissant, and I am a happy convert. Seriously, I’ve been to Paris, New York, and hell, even Budapest…and these mothers are the best I’ve eaten. Even if you happen to manage a bite of the croissant without any chocolate, the pastry itself is delicious all on it’s own. Madeline is indeed getting my first born in exchange for the intro to this piece of heaven on earth. The kid’ll probably be the same size…

  4. mrsmoy

    Karen, the ensaymada at Delite Bakery is the bomb. It was my go-to before I discovered the chocolate croissants.

  5. Olivia

    I love chocolate croissants! While this may sound sacreligious to most chocolate croissant fans, try freezing your chocolate croissant slightly (20-30 min.) before eating it- the chocolate center becomes just slightly hard and cool and it’s deelish!!

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