Frozen yogurt is the new frozen yogurt

Red Mango frozen yogurt

The Pinkberry-inspired phenomenon is hitting the greater Seattle area full force. A host of shops are vying for fro-yo supremacy and more are opening soon. There’s Crazycherry, Cefiore, Yoberry. TCBY is even being ressurrected.

Red Mango, the granddaddy of the resurgent fro-yo craze, recently opened a store in Bellevue Square and Alderwood Mall and has plans for another location in Southcenter Mall.

I’m a little surprised Seattle and environs didn’t pick up this trend sooner. It fits right into our culture. The new fro-yo is loaded with probiotics so you can feel healthy even while coating your yogurt with Fruity Pebbles. The Asian-influenced green tea flavor is another ethnic food trend we can embrace. And you can eat fro-yo while walking your dog.

I have sampled the wares at Crazycherry and Red Mango and enjoyed the frozen treats, but what’s the big deal? It’s, well, yogurt.

What other 80’s food fads are poised for a comeback? Blue raspberry flavored popcorn, I eagerly await your return.


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2 responses to “Frozen yogurt is the new frozen yogurt

  1. Ryan

    Red Mango is NOT Pinkberry inspired….if anything Pinkberry is Red Mango inspired.

    Red Mango did it first! The rest are just copy cats!!

    Get your facts right buddy!

    • mrsmoy

      @Ryan: At the time I wrote this post, Pinkberry was all over the media, it was featured in a prominent American Express commercial, etc. I am well aware that Red Mango was around before Pinkberry. I even called it “the granddaddy of the resurgent fro-yo craze.”

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