Ice cream: it’s what’s for dinner

Molly Moon's ice cream

Inspired by a recent episode of “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” (my latest TV indulgence) in which the Gosselins let their twins and sextuplets have ice cream for dinner, I traveled to the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle to visit Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream. My dependable eating buddy, Lynn, joined me to sample some scoops.

Molly Moon’s is one of a handful of artisan ice cream shops that have recently joined Seattle’s food scene. This past week, the Seattle P-I’s Rebekah Denn wrote a good article about the rise of fancy ice cream.

Lynn and I tried five flavors at Molly Moon’s: salted caramel, cardamom, Thai iced tea, maple walnut and vanilla bean. We got kid-sized scoops, which were perfect for sampling.

We both loved maple walnut, which had a rich, full maple flavor that was not too sweet. We found cardamom to be overpowering and couldn’t imagine eating a full scoop. Salted caramel was puzzling. The flavor was spot on, but did I enjoy it? I couldn’t decide. Thai iced tea did indeed taste like its namesake, but I would rather just drink one than eat the ice cream. The most bland flavor was vanilla (oh the irony!)

I’ve decided to taste all of Molly Moon’s flavors and check out the sundaes and banana split as well. (Will this get in the way of my triathlon training?) Stay tuned for flavor updates. Props to my friend Mahnaz for first telling me about Molly Moon’s.

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