Weekend at Waji’s

Here are a couple of pics from a recent lazy Sunday spent at Uwajimaya. Waji’s, as it’s commonly known, is a huge Asian grocery store located in the heart of Seattle’s International District.

A watermelon just for me? I must know more…

How big are personal watermelons? Turns out, pretty big. Compare them to the young coconuts in the background. Personal-sized items should not be larger than your head.

Part of the fun of Uwajimaya is trying to decipher Japanese food packaging while Asian pop ballads blare from the store’s loudspeakers. Can you guess what these are?

Answer: freeze-dried baby food.

These would be fun to serve at a formal tea.

Hawaiian sweet bread was a staple food when I was a kid. I haven’t had any in years so I bought a pack of rolls. Check out this fancy smoked salmon roulade recipe using King’s Hawaiian bread.

A sure sign you’re in an Asian grocery store, which may remind you of this weird song.


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4 responses to “Weekend at Waji’s

  1. writingwithmymouthfull

    i think a lovely synergy (not to mention charming incumbent cocktail party dish) would be to hallow out said “personal watermelons” and fill them with a bounty of those mini hamburgers.
    tell me those are gummi treats and not the real thing…. please tell me that…

  2. mrsmoy

    Rest assured…the mini burgers aren’t the real thing. They’re cookies.

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