Like a hurricane swept through my soul


Last week, my husband gave me some very bad news. After he told me, I had to lean against a wall for support. My face was ashen, and I couldn’t speak.

Liquor stores in Washington state have stopped carrying Ciclón.

Ciclón is Bacardi rum flavored with tequila and lime. It may sound gross, but it is DELICIOUS and has been my rum of choice for the last five or six years. Actually it goes beyond rum–Ciclón is my hands down, favorite, go-to liquor. When I want a drink, I want a Ciclón and Coke on the rocks, thank you very much.

When my husband and I were dating and we took our first trip together to Canada, what did we drink in our hotel room? Ciclón.

During my bachelorette party in Las Vegas, what was I drinking? Ciclón.

When I chose to bring my own alcohol to a bar in a Ziplock bag, what was it? Ciclón. (Yeah, I know, pretty ghetto.)

When I finally saw Prince in concert, what was I drinking? Ciclon.

When I was pregnant, what food did I miss the most? Ciclón. (Well, it probably was technically a tie with sushi, but man, I did miss it.)

There are five liquor stores in Washington state that still carry Ciclón but they are all very far away from Seattle, where I live. I searched online liquor stores to no avail.

I sent a impassioned plea to whoever manages the (ridiculous) Ciclón Web site saying that I now live in a Ciclón-dry state and that I needed immediate help locating some Ciclón. And, I had to know: was it true that Bacardi that was discontinuing my beloved amber elixir?!

I got this in reply:


This does not bode well.


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24 responses to “Like a hurricane swept through my soul

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  2. Jonathan

    HA! I have some very fond memories of CICLON from college. A GREAT DRINK!

  3. Ronnie

    Dear mrsmoy, We also have found out the sad news that Ciclon has been discontinued. Ok, so how do we change it..??? Let your voice be heard!! I called the Castleton Bev. Corp and voiced our opinion, and was directed by a very nice Lady to the Bacardi Consumer Hotline. I called and actually talked to a real person after a short time on hold. I suggested they make it possible to take a Poll…on the so called Ciclon Web Site. I have contacted them from there also, and got a Form Reply. But i guess thats better than nothing. ALL CICLON LOVERS..!!! Call the Hotline..Let them know how displeased you are at the discontinuation of the product, lets get it back.. 1-800-222-2734.. Let your voice be heard..

    • I called the Barcardi hotline on 1-800-222-2734 and expressed how sad I was when Ciclon was discontinued in 2008, the representative was very nice and told me I could call the state store to see if they could locate me some Ciclon, and she said the more people that call and express interest in the product, the better the chance of Bacardi producing it again. I really do miss my Diet Coke and was the best tasting rum ever. Had Bacardi marketed the product better, they would never had to discontinue Ciclon!!!

  4. Jolene

    In September 2008, after searching high and low throughout my state (Florida) and finding no Ciclon, I emailed Bacardi and got this reponse.

    “Thank you for your inquiry. As per your notification, please be advised that Ciclón – Tequila Spiked Rum has been discontinued in the United States as of January 2008, due to varying consumer tastes preferences and legal

    We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valued patronage.”

    I’m a consumer and my taste preferences haven’t varied…I want my Ciclon back!

  5. Delia

    My local “alcohol” dealer has located a couple of bottles in the L.A. area and has promised to get them for me!
    I miss it very much!
    I have asked several bar owners to locate some for me and they are searching high and low.
    I suggest you do the same, for I fear that is the only way we can get some at the moment.

    • mrsmoy


      I was just in Pasadena and found some Ciclon at a small liquor store. I think Southern California is a good place to look!


  6. Michael

    Sad to say i started drinking at an early age. High School Senior parties often demand alcohol. When youre young and have no concept of what to drink, Ciclon was what the best drink. It had two alcohols, could be taken as a shot or as a mixed drink, was inexpensive. As i did make it on to be 21, i still would bring the drink to parties and eveytime, i would get great reactions of new tasters. I became sort of a salesperson for the alcohol. However i noticed my liquor store stopped carrying the drink, as my partying died down, i never felt compaled to ask about it, my taste had switched over to a dry grey goose martini. But something hit me one day and i started to recently go back to my clubbing/partying self. And after a few months of that, i just caught a familiar taste (for no reason at all) of the drink ciclon.. Damn that was the drink, but what happened to it?!! I now found that it has been discontinued. If only they would make one last attempt to feature the drink, i would do my hardest to actually be a free salesman for the drink, going to parties and taking bottles of it for shots. Hell i wouldnt mind working for the company, i like this drink so much, i had alot of good times and drinking the alcohol during those times just tied those memories to it. I will call the 1800 number, but usually the companies decided whats best for the company, and so i suppose the thing to do is stock up on this as much as you can. Its good always have some bottles to store for years later….

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  8. When I was over in Atlanta (2 years ago for the U2 concert) I bought a regular and a large bottle; since then : nowhere to be found. Got the same email message from Bacardi.
    Got an offer today for about $210 a botte !?!?; there at ebay sometimes to be found.
    Maybe start a website of our own ? twitter ?
    I cherish the empty bottle and my t-shirt .
    We posted an add at our own website too (
    It’s really hard to believe why Bacardi would drop the brand and keep up the clclon website ??
    Hmm, any stockholders we can ask ? 🙂
    cheers – Reinier

    • mrsmoy

      Hi, Reiner. I like the idea of starting some kind of “Ciclon-finder” or “Bring back Ciclon” group on Twitter/Facebook. It does seem odd that the Ciclon site is still up. That makes me hold out hope that Ciclon is still available outside the U.S.

  9. D.A.

    It’s great to see that some others liked Ciclon. Tonight, I went to my local store for lotto tickets (in California), and did see behind my seller pints of Ciclon with the tag of (“Only $3.99)” behind it. seriously, I really like Ciclon, so I may have to buy him out.

    Ciclon and Diet was great. Coke Zero was even better.

    • mrsmoy

      D.A. are you serious?! You saw pints of Ciclon and only $3.99? Can you send me a bottle? I actually broke one of my few remaining bottles this past summer.

  10. Loretta

    OMG you sound just like my husband and I. We live in Canada and when I found out Ciclon was discontinued I almost had a heart attack. I sent my husband a text message indicating there was an emergency and he called me from out of town. I had to explain that Ciclon was discontinued so we started searching the liquors stores all over our province and buying where ever we could. Anytime he went out of town he had to go to all the liquor stores to buy up the supplies. We saved the last two bottles to celebrate our 50th birthdays. One bottle we (or I) consumed in Aug 2009 and the last bottle we will consume this month!!. Yesterday I was searching on the internet and low and behold… Ciclon is on EBAY!!! The best way to enjoy Ciclon is with Diet Lime Coke and a lime..TO DIE FOR!! I wish they would bring it back!!

    • mrsmoy

      Hi, Loretta! Canada is where I first discovered Ciclon! I am down to two bottles myself. I think I will save one for my 5th wedding anniversary coming up in 2011. How much is Ciclon on eBay? Probably something ridiculous. I am definitely thinking about starting a Facebook page to start campaigning for Bacardi to bring back Ciclon.

  11. Oh my gosh-I could have written this!!! I ADORED Ciclon and was (and am) devastated by it’s being discontinued. I vividly recall the last time I had it-Easter Eve 2009. In fact, I brought my own bottle and left a little at the party. My husband thought I was ridiculous for wanting to go back and get it. I regret it to this day. I love Captain, but Ciclon was a league of it’s own.

  12. Jenn

    My last bottle is gone and it just sucks to be without…Damn the still functioning website!!

  13. Anne

    I know what you mean. I love the stuff. I was told by Barcardi that is was discontinued in the 50 States for ‘Legal’ matters. I do not understand that at all. I wanted to see if it was available outside the states and they would not comment.

  14. Scoot

    This stuff was just beyond amazing.

    I wish I had more money I’d buy ever drop on ebay and further!!!!!

  15. I sometimes post tweets with request for ciclon (from @reinier1)
    I am curious as well where it came from (bacardi factory/plant) ?

    I just created the @bacardiciclon account at twitter : let’s start tweeting around !

    • mrsmoy

      Love having @bacardiciclon on Twitter! I think we should have a “Bring Ciclon back!” Facebook page. Maybe one already exists. I need to check.

  16. Just found that the bottling plant is/was in Jacksonville, FL; there’s even a video on youtube :

    if there’s a tour, let fly there 🙂

  17. Jim

    Nov. 2010 and I just found a liquor store that still had three bottles sitting on their shelves. Its a miracle! Its been out of production for quite a while now. Ive had some luck randomly trying different liquor stores. Most time the clerks look at you like your crazy or try to give you some sort of blender mix, but sometimes you get lucky enough to find a dusty bottle. Keep hunting, no better yet don’t, because I am leaving no store unchecked! Im not even gonna say where I live, only east coast.

  18. Felix

    As I stumbled across this “ciclon” stuff browsing through my standard alcohol supply websites for fun, I am quite amazed how good this stuff actually seems to be…I guess I`ll buy it…


    Seems in the EU and especially germany, it is not on the shelfs to buy, but can easily be purchased online (for example: for round about 40 EUR per 1 litre.

    Strange that they seem to discontinue it in the states and leave it all for good ol` Europe….well another point for Europe 😉

    Sorry to make you all sad, but mabe you can get it through an european website? If you adore it that much, the shipping to the US (if possible) will certainly be worth the cost.

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