Real Chocolate Relief Act

While I was playing around with the Snickers Snacklish translator on Facebook (see previous post), I stumbled upon this hilarious video featuring the one and only Neil Patrick Harris. I love the purposefully low-rent production values, especially the use of bad stock photography and b-roll video.

I visited the Mars Web site and found out that every Friday you can sign up to get a coupon for a free Mars candy bar (M&Ms, Twix, Milky Way, Dove, etc.)

Most news outlets and blogs broke this news last month when the campaign was officially kicked off (here I am late to the party again), but few have talked about how the Mars campaign is a dig at competitors (namely Hershey) who are using cheaper oils instead of cocoa butter in their products in order to save money. It’s an interesting strategy, and I’ll be watching to see if it pays off for Mars.

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