Oh Mioposto

The best pizza I’ve ever had came from a shop in the Venice train station. It was a slice of margherita pizza with basil, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and a thin but perfectly crisp crust.

That was six years ago, and as I recently told my friend Mary, who was with me on that trip, I still dream about that pizza.

We were sharing lunch at Mioposto, an Italian pizzeria and cafe located in Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood.

Like the pizza of my dreams, the pies at Mioposto have a cracker-thin crust and focus on getting the most flavor out of choice ingredients. Mary and I had the Pinnochio with salami, hot Italian sausage, pepperoni, salsa di pomodori, mozzarella, mixed olives and fresh tomatoes.


And we also tried the Pizza Del Giardino with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, garlicky mixed olives, fontina, mozzarella and salsa di pomodori.


We paired our pizza with the delicious Della Casa salad, which had carmelized onions in a vinaigrette.


I’ll still pine for that perfect slice in Venice, but it’s nice to know that good Italian fare is not so far away.


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2 responses to “Oh Mioposto

  1. Kara

    How is it possible Italy was 6 years ago!

  2. Mary

    Seriously – another trip is in order!!! Mmmm pizza! Great find, Madeline!

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