Is that peanut butter on my face?!

I commute to work by bus, and most days it’s a pretty uneventful ride. However, this morning on the bus my cheek was feeling a bit itchy, and when I went to scratch it, my finger landed in a big blob of peanut butter. My first thought was, yuck! Then I wondered how long I had been walking around with peanut butter on my face. I mentally retraced my steps. I had an English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast, got my things together for work, headed out the door, walked to the bus stop, boarded the bus. I didn’t discover the peanut butter until about 15 minutes into the ride. That means I might have been out and about with peanut butter on my face for almost half an hour. Embarrassing!

I wish somebody on the bus would have told me about the peanut butter, but then I considered whether I would actually do that. Would you tell a stranger if he or she had embarrassing food residue on their body or in their teeth?

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