Thursday night dinner: Polish edition

The Thursday night girls had so much at the inaugural Polish holiday dinner at Lynn’s house last year, that we decided to do it once again in 2009 (and possibly make it an annual tradition). As you can see in the photo above, that means we had plenty of pierogi, kielbasa and haluski.

Lynn got herself an early Christmas present and bought some new Wusthof knives, which she used to cut the cabbage for the haluski. (Congrats, Lynn, you have real knives and now are officially an adult.)

Because we needed veggies, Tara brought some homemade pickled carrots and cauliflower.

And Mahnaz stirfried some green beans, which added lovely color to our plates.

I brought an assortment of desserts from Bakery Noveau in West Seattle: pear tarts, praline cake and chocolate cake.

Since Jill’s in-laws were in town, we thought she couldn’t make it, but she was able to stop by and pose by the Christmas tree.

Michelle brought us all slipper socks, which we all wore by the virtual fireplace as we sang along to “Last Christmas” by Wham!

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