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Forecast calls for food trucks

When I opened the door this morning to catch the bus for work, my mood darkened to match the clouds in the sky. It was nasty Seattle weather–cold, rainy and windy. I got on the bus, which in these conditions, was a crowded and lurching sauna on wheels.

I trudged to the office. It’s been a really long week at work, and unfortunately it being Friday didn’t provide any respite. A mountain of work awaited me. But my spirits lifted a little when I heard about Mobile Chowdown III. That may be a little surprising since I didn’t have the greatest experience at the first Mobile Chowdown. In fact, that’s why I skipped the second iteration in January.

I’m willing to give the food truck festival another try, however, because now it’s in a new location by Safeco Field (free parking at the field’s garage!) and is featuring more vendors–including food trucks from Portland, where the street food scene is much more developed. Koi Fusion, Whiffies, Burgerville and Potato Champion are all making the road trip.

Many of Seattle’s road-tested favorites will be at Mobile Marination III as well. I’m most excited about lining up in front of Hallava Falafel’s yellow truck.

The event will take place Saturday, March 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and is free to enter. I suggest you bring your own beverages and wear comfy shoes.

And what’s the weather going to be like? Partly sunny.

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