Bring on the sun for the Georgetown Farmers Market

Georgetown Farmers Market in Seattle, Washington

Good weather and ample parking brought out the crowds for the opening day of the Georgetown Farmers Market last Saturday.

The food vendors were overwhelmed by the throngs of people lining up for lunch. They could not keep up with demand and quickly ran out of food.

Luckily my husband and I got there early enough so we didn’t come away empty-handed.

At the Los Agaves booth, we tried the pork tacos and a huarache topped with beef.

Tacos al pastor and hurache from Los Agaves restaurant

The food looked great, but unfortunately the appearance was better than the taste. I love the bold, simple flavors of Mexican food, and there was just too much going on in these two dishes, resulting in a surprising blandness. All of the competing flavors just canceled each other out.

Next door to Los Agaves was Maria Luisa Argentine Empanadas where there was a 10-minute wait for savory empanadas. I love these stuffed pastries so patiently awaited the arrival of a beef empanada.

Beef empanada from Maria Luisa Empanadas in Seattle

I know they were trying to get the food out quickly, but the empanada really need to be cooked for a few minutes more so the dough could be a little crisper, and the beef was underseasoned. I think these empanadas have the potential to be really good though so I’m willing to come back and try them again.

My husband and I wanted something sweet so we went to The Ebleskiver Lady.

The Elberskiver Lady booth at the Georgetown Farmers Market

Ebleskiver are round Danish pancakes. They can be eaten plain or filled with sweet or savory ingredients.

We had four ebelskiver: one filled with Nutella, one filled with Nutella and banana, one with fresh apple slice and one with lemon curd. They were all delicious, but I enjoyed the lemon one the most. We also had a side of bacon. Yum!

Ebleskiver, or round Danish pancakes, with fillings

We didn’t try the Indian food at Tandoozy, but we did enjoy watching naan get made and chicken pulled out of the portable tandoori ovens.

Restaurant sign that reads "Welcome to Tandoozy. We make food for 'naan believers.'"

Man kneading dough for naan

Man putting naan dough in oven

Man pulling tandoori chicken off a skewer

In addition to the food vendors, there’s plenty to see and do at the Georgetown Farmers Market. Visit the market’s blog for more details.

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