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Do not eat this! Costco carne asada bake

Carne asada bake at Costco

I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment of Coscto’s carne asada bake from Alex Hochman at the SF Weekly.

And don’t eat any of this other stuff either.

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Food Network and Travel Channel: The clone wars

Scripps Networks Interactive, the company that owns both the Food Network and Travel Channel, has taken unimaginative programming to new heights by running two sets of nearly identical shows on both channels.

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A serious happy hour

Chanterelle truffle cheese pizza and clam, pancetta and lemon thyme pizza at Serious Pie in Seattle

It’s Friday, which means that people will be plotting all day where to meet their friends for happy hour. Last year I wrote about some of my favorite happy hours, and there’s one more I definitely need to add to the list.

It’s the pizza happy hour at Serious Pie, Tom Douglas’s gourmet take on a pizzeria. Happy hour is early (3:00-5:00 p.m.) and short, but if you can make it during this window, you should. It can be virtually impossible to score a seat in Serious Pie during lunch or dinner.

Full-size pizza are usually around $17, but during happy hour, you can order mini pies for just $5. Happy hour beer is $3 and wine is $5.

Last week my friend Sharon and I were shopping downtown one afternoon and ducked into Serious Pie for a hearty snack and to escape an impending rainstorm. Pizza toppings run the gamut from basic (mozzarella and tomato) to full-blown foodie (guanciale, soft egg and arugula).

We ordered two mini pies to share: the chanterelle mushroom and truffle cheese and one with Penn Cove clams, pancetta and lemon thyme.

The clam and pancetta pizza is a salty snack lover’s dream, while the mushroom and the other pie had a sweet and mellow flavor with just a hint of truffle. The pizza at Serious Pie is soft and pillowy (no cracker-thin crust here!) making the top-notch ingredients taste that much more luxurious.

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Food fails. Food saves.

After triumphantly declaring, “I think I finally know how to cook,” the food gods laughed, and I haven’t been able to make a successful meal since then.

Last week I had an epic food fail while making dinner for my husband and son. I was making a very basic meal that I’ve made dozens of times before–chicken adobo, steamed broccoli and white rice–and I got every single part of it wrong. My adobo was underseasoned, and the sauce had no depth. Worse still, I overcooked the chicken, so not only was the meat tasteless, it was dry. I left the covered pot of broccoli on the stove too long so instead of bright green, tender-crisp broccoli, I had barely edible mushiness. I couldn’t even handle using a rice cooker! I put too much rice in my small three-cup cooker and not enough water so it came out hard and undercooked.

Adobo has been called the national dish of the Philippines, and it’s the Filipino food that I make with any kind of regularity for my family. So I really hate when my adobo isn’t good, especially because it’s so simple. Put meat in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onions and pepper, and slowly cook everything on the stove.

How could I get this wrong?

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