Dig in to “Top Chef: Seattle” starting November 7

Top Chef: Seattle with Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Hugh Acheson

While watching the trailer for the upcoming “Top Chef: Seattle,” I was delighted to see footage of chefs struggling to dig for shellfish on a rocky Washington beach. Yes! Back in July, this is one of the 5 Pacific Northwest-challenges I listed as wanting to watch on the show.

I’m super excited for “Top Chef: Seattle,” but every time I see the promo shot pictured above, I cringe. Besides the generic Seattle landscape background that looks like it was salvaged from a high school dance, there’s nothing about the photo that represents my fair city. Did the art director think that produce in wicker baskets would evoke the spirit of Pike Place Market? (It doesn’t.) And is Padma Lakshmi wearing an electric blue bed skirt? (Perhaps.) At least they could have made it green to represent the Emerald City. (No, that wouldn’t help. Barf.)

Season 10 of “Top Chef” premieres November 7 on Bravo. Will you be tuning in? And how would you caption the awful promo pic?

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