What’s On My Phone Wednesdays: Food and Sh*t

Geo, one half of Seattle hip hop duo Blue Scholars, is a fierce lyricist and tireless community activist. The man can also cook.

He and his wife, Chera, have started holding monthly pop up dinners called “Food & Sh*t” at Inay’s Asian Pacific Cuisine. The menus feature inventive riffs on traditional Filipino dishes and other dishes that reflect Geo’s background and his family’s personal tastes.

Other than my mom’s, the sisig lumpia served as an appetizer at the dinner in September may be the best lumpia I’ve ever had. Sisig is a Filipino dish made from pig’s head and liver, or as Anthony Bourdain described it, “the strangely addictive, sizzling melange of hacked up pork face…oh, sweet symphony of pig parts.”

Sisig lumpia

For the entree, Geo made gumbo and served it with coconut corn muffins in banana leaves.


Coconut corn muffin

For dessert, I had ginataang halo halo, a sweet soup made with coconut milk. Geo’s version had jackfruit, sweet potato, nata de coco, palm fruit, tapioca balls and mochi. MASARAP. (That means delicious.)

Ginataang Halo Halo

At the second Food & Sh*t dinner in November, the star of the show was loco moco. For the uninitiated, loco moco is a popular Hawaii dish that typically consists of white rice, a hamburger patty, brown gravy, and a fried egg. Geo upped the ante and made his loco moco with prime rib. Day-um!

Prime rib loco moco

I thought this ube (purple yam) cheesecake would be really dense, but it was incredibly light and airy.

Ube cheesecake

Save the date for the next Food and Sh*t pop up on November 18: Turkey & Sh*t dinner/dance party. Follow http://foodandsh-t.tumblr.com/ and @FoodAndSh_t on Twitter for updates.

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