Apply Now to be a Guest on Season 2 of “Check, Please! Northwest”

Last year I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the inaugural season of “Check, Please! Northwest,” a Seattle restaurant review show. It’s produced by KCTS 9, Seattle’s PBS Station.

The show brings three strangers together to talk about their favorite restaurants. Each person recommends a restaurant, everyone goes to the three places, and then they discuss the food and their experiences.

KCTS is starting production of season 2 of the show, with episodes to air in spring of 2014. If you like to eat out, and you’re not shy about being on television, then I strongly recommend that you apply to be a guest on “Check, Please! Northwest.”

The KCTS staff will give you the star treatment, you’ll get a cool behind-the-scenes look at how a television show is made, and host Amy Pennington will make you belly laugh. (She may also give you some invaluable gardening tips if you ask nicely.)

Bakeman’s was one of the restaurants that we reviewed on my show.

Here’s what we all thought.


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3 responses to “Apply Now to be a Guest on Season 2 of “Check, Please! Northwest”

  1. hey Madeline! LOVE Bakeman’s!! and I went to one of Amy’s Croatian cooking classes, that at the last minute, was smaller so she hosted the class in her apartment! 🙂 LOVE Amy Pennington!

    • Madeline Moy

      Alice, you would have been an awesome guest in this show! Yes, Bakeman’s is one of my very favorite restaurants. And Amy is so great. I wonder if I can apply again…

  2. deedeemama

    You are so cute. You’re a regular celebrity now – hanging out with Oprah and on talk shows. 😉

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