“I need doughnuts,” my co-worker Paige whispered urgently.

I nodded. I understood that this was a serious matter and that it needed to be resolved quickly. But how? I considered our options. They all involved leaving the office and either driving or taking a cab.

Could there be another solution?


We used Postmates to order Top Pot Doughnuts and had them delivered to our office in under an hour.

Postmates is a mobile app that enables you to have almost anything delivered to you. You choose your favorite store or restaurant, place your order, and then wait for a Postmates courier to be assigned to you. You can track your delivery in real-time on a map and communicate with your courier either by  phone call or text message.

What I like about Postmates is that you can order from a wide variety of restaurants, from humble takeout joints to French bistros. Delivery fees start from $5.99, and when I need to use Postmates, it’s well worth the price. I think it’s an especially great option for busy families.

In addition to food, you can have office supplies, clothes, and any other number of things delivered to you through Postmates. I heard of someone getting a tent from REI delivered.

The service is currently available in San Francisco, New York, and Seattle.

Top Pot


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2 responses to “Deliverance

  1. I love how you started this post, Madeline, definitely did not know where this was going to go (but thrilled you got your doughnuts).

    • Madeline Moy

      Thanks, Laura! I’ve wanted to do a post about Postmates for awhile, but I was always bored by what I wrote. My approach for NaBloPoMo has been to engage readers by telling a compelling story. And sometimes just writing about things that actually happened is good enough. 🙂

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