It Gets Better

When I was 12, I had a frizzy, layered perm. I was overweight and had to buy all of my clothes in the “husky” section. If that wasn’t bad enough, my mom didn’t think it was appropriate for girls to wear jeans so I wore polyester slacks or dresses. I was horribly nearsighted, and ugly, enormous glasses covered nearly half my face.  I was weird. I loved taking tests, Broadway musicals, and reading.

Sometimes cruel kids would taunt me and call me a nerd or a fat cow. They would tell me to watch out because the dogcatcher was coming. But mostly I was invisible.

I eventually grew out my perm, got contacts, learned to socialize, started exercising and eating a better diet, lost weight, ran track, realized that being smart is a good thing, dated, graduated from high school and college, built a career, got married, became a mom, and developed a passion for food.

Cooking and baking can be hard especially when you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re ill-equipped and uncertain about how things might turn out.

Today I tried out a recipe for thumbprint cookies, and this is how the first batch turned out.

Ugly cookies

This is how the second batch turned out.

Pretty cookies

Keep trying.

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