My Eternal Meal

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what meal would that be, why, who would make it, and who would eat it with you?

My friend Laura posed this question as a writing prompt for National Blog Posting Month.

I considered the memorable meals I’ve had in my life. I remembered beef bourguignon in France, a Cherry Fizz cocktail served tableside, salt and pepper pork chops.

And I came to this conclusion: it’s never the food that leaves the final impression. It’s the people I’m with, the things we talk about, and the reason for the meal.

I always want to eat something delicious, but what’s important is the shared experience.

Of course I have my fantasy meal. It would be a brunch that Tom Douglas would cook, and Anthony Bourdain would somehow be involved, and eventually we would all eat Bluebird ice cream.

If I truly had to pick, I would choose a Filipino potluck for my eternal meal.

When I was a kid, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and funerals—any event really—were marked by a potluck at somebody’s home.

Aunties and uncles would bring their signature dishes, and the amount of food at these gatherings was astounding, especially considering most of it was prepared entirely by hand. Potlucks would last for hours. It was not unusual to start early in the day and stretch late into the evening. And somehow there was always food to take home!

A meal infused with generosity, great food, and community.

That’s the meal I will always want to eat.


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5 responses to “My Eternal Meal

  1. If I could eat our vegan Filipino meals over and over and over again, I totally would! Great food; better company.

  2. paola

    As soon as I saw the question, I knew my answer: I would stand next to my Dad and watch him cook Pork Adobo and his Pansit. I would ask questions about what he was doing and his “recipe” and he would crabbily grunt as he always did when I asked him for one. And then we would sit together and eat — not a lot of talking, just a lot of being together. I miss him. Thanks for prompting a great memory.

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