What’s in the Box? Part 2

When I got home from work and opened the front door, the first thing I saw was a small package wrapped in festive paper at the bottom of our stairs.

The sender had written the hashtag #pnwswaps, on the mailing label, and I realized with delight that my swap box had arrived.

The Pacific Northwest Bloggers Box Swap is a fun way to get to know other bloggers in the region and to receive surprises and delights through the mail.

My box was from Laura Railing of Bits of Sweetness, who happens to be the main organizer of the swap, and the contents included:

  • Werther Original candies
  • A mug with a cable knit cozy
  • Picture frame ornaments
  • Sparkly silver nail polish
  • Bow earrings
  • Owl notecards
  • A notebook
  • A slate food marker

I had no idea what the slate food marker was until I looked at its label, Googled the term, and unwrapped its packaging. Then I realized it was one of those cute chalkboards used to identify cheese and other foods.

During my Internet search, I discovered tips on how to create a DIY slate cheeseboard and three ways to use a slate board. The boards featured in that blog post were from the Brooklyn Slate Company. The company has many unique items that would make great gifts for food lovers, such as slate beverage coasters, garden markers, and a campfire kit.

Many thanks to Laura for organizing the box swap and for all of my gifts!

thwest Bloggers Box Swap

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