Pecha Kucha Presents: Food Is Power (And It’s Also Delicious!)

When I was in graduate school, I had a professor who limited our presentations to 8 PowerPoint slides and 10 minutes. It was a challenge to do this, but I appreciated how it made me more disciplined about what I included in my talk. And the images had to pack a punch.

It will be interesting to see what choices the presenters make at Pecha Kucha Night on December 5.

Pecha Kucha requires presenters to give their talk in 20 slides. Each slide is on screen for 20 seconds and then auto advances. There is no going back to the previous slide. Pecha Kucha events occur all around the globe. Anyone can apply to speak. One of the intents of Pecha Kucha is to provide a public space for people to show their work in a relaxed way.

I’m intrigued by this format (which is similar to Ignite Seattle), and I like how there is an overall theme that ties the speakers together. The upcoming Pecha Kucha night in Seattle is titled “Food Is Power (And It’s Also Delicious!) Speakers will explore the ways good influences—and is influenced by—our community.

I am looking forward to hearing from Modernist Cuisine food scientist Larissa Zhou, and FareStart Social Enterprise Vice President Matt Gurney. I’m also curious about all of the speakers that I’m not familiar with yet. That’s what I love about these types of events. You never know who will blow your mind, make you laugh hard, or move you to tears.

PechaKucha Night: Food is Power (And It’s Also Delicious!) is Thursday, December 5 at the Pike Place Market Economy Building. The event is free and open to the public. For more details, visit

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