A Day at Marra Farm


Tucked away in southwest Seattle is four acres of magic. Marra Farm is one of two remaining farms within Seattle city limits and grows 13,000 pounds of organic produce for low-income kids, seniors, and families living in the nearby South Park neighborhood. At Marra Farm, people can also learn how to grow their own food.

Today I was set to volunteer at Marra Farm with my Starbucks work family. Despite my love for the farm and its mission, I was definitely not thrilled at the prospect of several hours of manual labor in cold and wet weather.

That all changed once I arrived at Marra Farm and started working. We harvested kale, chard, lettuce, mustard greens, and radishes; washed all of the produce; pulled weeds; and hand-tilled the soil.

The heaviness of my digging fork, the unending rows of weeds, the gasp of dismay from someone finding a maggoty dead bird–it was dirty and hard, and I enjoyed every unromantic minute of it.









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