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Delicious president


Just saw this post that I can now order cookies in the shape of President-Elect Barack Obama’s head. (See cute example above!)

Perhaps I’ll make some Yes Pecan ice cream sandwiches with these cookies.

Here are four things that I learned from a Google search of “Barack Obama, food.”

1. His food likes include pistachios, broccoli and handmade milk chocolates from Fran’s Chocolates, right here in Seattle. He also enjoys Spam musabi!

2. He doesn’t like beets, mayonaise or salt and vinegar potato chips.

3. Barack Obama’s mother briefly received food stamps to put food on the table when she needed help.

4. Many bloggers have commented on these 2001 video clips of Obama on a restaurant review show.

Spike from Top Chef is hosting an Inaugural Burger Ball. For a mere $99, you get eight mini burgers, mini fries (huh?), mini milkshakes, beer and wine.

This is definitely not a value meal.

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See it wiggle, watch it jiggle…


How would the San Francisco Bay Bridge fare in an earthquake if it were entirely constructed from Jell-O? Ponder this and other flights of fancy when you check out artist Liz Hickok’s gelatin rendition of SF.

Neatorama has photos of several other amazing cityscape art made from eggs, cookware and other unusual objects.

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Carve your own Barack O’Lantern

Unlike many people I know, when I was a kid, I never carved a Jack O’Lantern for Halloween. I got dressed up and went trick or treating, but the pumpkin thing just didn’t happen in my family.

So now I’m making up for lost time and have carved three pumpkins this year. I wish I could say I made the one pictured above, but it was actually my friend Jeff. Here’s mine, which was much less ambitious, but still really hard. Cutting a “b” and an “8” in a pumpkin is no small feat! (It says “Obama 08” if you can’t tell. Sorry, the photo’s dark.)

Barack O’Lantern stencils are available through Yes We Carve. The photo gallery of Barack O’Lanterns from across the country is really cool.

Here’s a purely non-partisan pumpkin I carved (with help from my friend Kara) for folks who don’t like to mix politics with their squash. Happy Halloween!

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