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What We Keep

Birthday figruine

I have few mementos from when I was a child, but for some reason I’ve held on to this figurine. I believe it’s the cake topper from my 5th birthday cake.

Despite wearing an ill-fitting and worn dress and having no shoes, she looks hopeful and inquisitive. I often wondered if she was poor or just lost—like some fairy tale heroine. She has a doll so she’s not alone.

I wore my hair in two stubby pigtails like her when I was little, and I remember that even though she was a blonde white girl, I identified with her. Maybe she was the closest version of me that my mom could find at the time.

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Amazing Angry Birds cake by Sweet Teeth Bakery

For my husband’s birthday this year, I surprised him with an Angry Birds cake, made by our friend Amelia Franada, who owns Sweet Teeth Custom Cakes & Pastries in Renton, Washington.

Angry Birds birthday cake by Amelia Franada of Sweet Teeth Custom Cakes & Pastries

I’m constantly impressed by Amelia’s artistry and versatility. She can make everything from a kick ass ninja cake to elegant French macaroons. I also love her creative spins on traditional Filipino desserts.

Go ahead, “like” her on Facebook and visit her booth at the Renton Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays. You won’t regret it!

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Happy birthday, dear…panda?

I just saw this photo on the Yahoo! homepage of a panda at a zoo in Taipei, Taiwan eating her birthday cake. Yes, you read that right–birthday cake, not bamboo.

Taiwan Panda

I wondered if giving zoo animals birthday cakes was a common practice, and thanks to the powers of Internet search, I can tell you that, yes, it is!

The Huffington Post has a slideshow of a hippo, walrus, cheetah and other assorted animals celebrating another year in captivity with cake (or cake subsitute).


Part of me thinks these photos are really cute, but another part of me is screaming, “Why do we do this?” Stop with the anthropomorphism already. It’s a nice photo op and publicity stunt for zoos, but animals don’t care about their birthdays.

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When cakes go wrong

I recently attended a first birthday party where the cake read, “Happy 1th birthday!”

But this mistake is nothing compared to this completely NON-age appropriate cake for “Lil Derrick” that I saw on Cake Wrecks. This is for a 4-year-old!


Did they play pimp slap the donkey at this party?

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