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Cake is where you find it

I don’t usually go into dimly lit bars in search of baked goods. However, last week, I found myself at the Twilight Exit in Seattle’s Central District looking for a man called “Uncle Peaches” and some cake.

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Amazing Angry Birds cake by Sweet Teeth Bakery

For my husband’s birthday this year, I surprised him with an Angry Birds cake, made by our friend Amelia Franada, who owns Sweet Teeth Custom Cakes & Pastries in Renton, Washington.

Angry Birds birthday cake by Amelia Franada of Sweet Teeth Custom Cakes & Pastries

I’m constantly impressed by Amelia’s artistry and versatility. She can make everything from a kick ass ninja cake to elegant French macaroons. I also love her creative spins on traditional Filipino desserts.

Go ahead, “like” her on Facebook and visit her booth at the Renton Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays. You won’t regret it!

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These Avatar cakes fall flat

I thought that cakes for a movie known for its eye-popping visuals would be a little more…three-dimensional. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!) In any case, this sheet cake and cupcakes don’t look very appetizing.

Sheet cake with image from the movie Avatar

Cupcakes decorated with images of characters from the movie Avatar

I saw these at the QFC by my house, and they were right by a huge display of “Avatar” DVDs. So the idea is buy the movie and some Na’vi cake to go with it? Maybe for a 10-year-old’s birthday party, but true sci-fi geeks have standards.

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Stop what you’re doing and make this chocolate cake RIGHT NOW (it’s that good)

Photo by Patricia Heal

Photo by Patricia Heal

A few weeks ago, my friend Lynn made chocolate stout layer cake for dessert for Thursday night dinner at Ellen’s. I must admit that I was skeptical. Sure, I know that certain stout beers have a dark chocolate flavor, so a pairing of beer and chocolate isn’t that out there. But still, I was afraid that the malt flavor would overwhelm the chocolate in a cake.

Boy, was I wrong.

The cake Lynn made was easily one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever had. (And I have eaten a lot of cake.) It was rich but not too dense and the beer perfectly accentuated the chocolate. Too often frosting is an afterthought, but this time it was an essential element of the cake.

Also, this cake was incredibly moist. So moist that I saved a piece from Thursday night dinner, and when I ate it on Sunday (yes, three days later), it was still as moist as when it was first made!

If you’re looking to be the star of the next potluck you attend or to curry favor with your favorite chocolate lover, look no further than this cake. Click here now to get the amazing recipe.

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Cake we can believe in

I saw this on Yes We Cake and just had to share. The detail work on this cake is amazing!

I’m thinking about making Obama pancakes for Inauguration Day.

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