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Stop what you’re doing and make this chocolate cake RIGHT NOW (it’s that good)

Photo by Patricia Heal

Photo by Patricia Heal

A few weeks ago, my friend Lynn made chocolate stout layer cake for dessert for Thursday night dinner at Ellen’s. I must admit that I was skeptical. Sure, I know that certain stout beers have a dark chocolate flavor, so a pairing of beer and chocolate isn’t that out there. But still, I was afraid that the malt flavor would overwhelm the chocolate in a cake.

Boy, was I wrong.

The cake Lynn made was easily one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever had. (And I have eaten a lot of cake.) It was rich but not too dense and the beer perfectly accentuated the chocolate. Too often frosting is an afterthought, but this time it was an essential element of the cake.

Also, this cake was incredibly moist. So moist that I saved a piece from Thursday night dinner, and when I ate it on Sunday (yes, three days later), it was still as moist as when it was first made!

If you’re looking to be the star of the next potluck you attend or to curry favor with your favorite chocolate lover, look no further than this cake. Click here now to get the amazing recipe.

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My chocolate crossaint can beat up your chocolate croissant

Delite Bakery chocolate croissant
Before I got married, I lived in an apartment building located next to Delite Bakery. When I walked out each morning to catch the bus to work, I was enveloped in the sweet smell of donuts and cakes. How I did not gain 50 pounds living by that place, I do not know.

Delite specializes in Filipino confections but has a wide array of delectable treats to satisfy sweet tooths of every race, color and creed. I’m currently obsessed with their chocolate croissants. They are the best in the city and crush all competitors in sheer size alone. Look at one in relation to a phone book!
Chocolate croissant and phone book

You get a mouthful of delectable chocolate in every bite. The amount of chocolate you get is almost obscene. The croissant has a fat chocolate filling, is drizzled with chocolate and each end is dunked in chocolate.
Chocolate croissant interior

I’d provide a link to Delite, but it doesn’t have a Web site and probably never will. Find it at 2701 15th Ave. S. in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. If you stop by, and they are out of chocolate croissants, don’t fret. You can special order them.


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