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I think I finally now how to cook!

Couscous with brown butter, garbanzo beans and mixed vegetables
I was spending a rare Sunday afternoon alone at home and trying to decide what to have for lunch. I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in awhile so there wasn’t much in the fridge, but I was too lazy to go out and eat.

I took another look in the fridge, and I saw that I had half an onion, a red bell pepper, part of a large zucchini, two carrots and some dill that was about to go bad. Then I remembered I had some couscous in my pantry.

I decided to sauté the vegetables and then serve them on a bed of couscous tossed with brown butter.

I almost always cook by recipe, but I’ve been trying to wean myself from constantly following directions and actually cook.

So that’s what I did.

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