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Should I Bite?

I’m debating whether to go to the Bite of Seattle. Is it worth my time, money and stomach space?

The Bite used to be a must-attend event for me. Before going, I would memorize the site map, pore over the list of restaurants and strategize what I wanted to eat. It was a fun way to experience new foods and flavors. The Bite introduced me to couscous, alligator and Tom Douglas’ divine donuts.

Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but for me, the Bite has lost much of its appeal. The quality of food has seemed to decline, and there have been few culinary surprises.

Do I need to temper my expectations? Maybe the Bite is less of a food event and more about hanging out in the sun and people watching…while eating a Philly cheesteak, spanakopita, yellow curry, fried chicken and Hawaiian shave ice.

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