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My Seattle Food Picks for IFBC Attendees

The International Food Blogger Conference is just a week away, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to eat in Seattle with everyone coming from out of town. I am a proud Seattleite, and I love showing off my city to visitors!

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What’s On My Phone Wednesdays: Mobile Food Rodeo

…met waffles…
…and had a chicken strip/peanut butter and bacon waffle baby!
(It had to be done.)

The only way to make Off the Rez’s veggie fry bread taco even better was to pair it with a cucumber margarita. 20130508-201422.jpg

What kind of sandwich should I have expected from a food truck with this badass logo?

A sandwich with THREE different kinds of pork–pulled pork, ham and bacon–topped with apple jalapeño slaw. It was appropriately named, “The Bad Lieutenant,” and it was my favorite dish at the Mobile Food Rodeo.

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Beat the Lines at the Mobile Food Rodeo

I love many things about the multitude of food truck events that have become a regular part of Seattle’s culinary calendar. I love the laid back, family-friendly vibe. I love the thrill of discovering that perfect bite. I love how people turn out in a big way to support small business.

What I don’t love? The lines. The incredibly long, interminable, soul-crushing lines.

So it was an easy decision for me to buy a VIF ticket to Seattle’s biggest street food event, the Mobile Food Rodeo on May 5.

For just $25, I’ll get the chance to get in an hour early to the event and skip the lines with all-day priority line access.

For those who like swag, you can pay $45 to get the VIF treatment along with an urban picnic tote bag, a commemorative patch, a 2013 Fremont Outdoor Movie season pass for two, and a Mobile Food Rodeo T-shirt.

On Sunday, I’ll make a beeline to these three trucks making their big-time debut: Ezell’s Express, Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen and How Pickle Got Out of a Jam.

I’m also excited about the Taco Libre Taco Truck Showdown. My money will be on the barbecue pulled pork Indian taco from Off the Rez, with a possible upset by the Fish Basket’s crispy cod taco. Of course, you can’t count out Marination Mobile and its “Holy Mole!” taco.

What are you looking forward to at the Mobile Food Rodeo?

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University of Washington Entrepreneur Week to feature food truck owners

Jennifer Lewis of SmallFoodBiz.com will lead a panel discussion with food truck entrepreneurs Molly Neitzel (Molly Moon’s), Josh Henderson (Skillet), and Marshall Jett (Veraci Pizza) at the University of Washington on October 17 from 12:30-1:30 pm. The talk is part of the UW’s Entrepreneur Week presented by the Foster School of Business. Food trucks will be open for business from 11 am – 2 pm on the Business Hall Promenade. The event is free and open to all UW students, faculty, staff, alumni and the Seattle entrepreneurial community. (So, basically, anyone.) Get more details on the Entrepreneur Week website.

Here’s a video featuring Skillet that I shot on the fly for grad school. My classmates and I asked vendors at the Mobile Chowdown food truck festival how they use social media to promote their businesses. This video was made in 2010, and I’m struck by: 1) how “new” social media still seemed then, and 2) how big the Skillet empire has become in just two years.

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Mobile Chowdown 5

Mobile Chowdown is back–this time with beer! The food truck extravaganza will be October 1 at the Qwest Field north parking lot from 5:00-10:00 p.m. It now costs $5 to get into the event, which is 21+ because of the alcohol factor. Pyramid Breweries is the official beer sponsor.

In addition to your favorite food trucks, there will be a live music stage featuring DJ Riz, Bandolier, Haiku-Chi and Piece.

Lines are always long at Mobile Chowdown, but here’s what I think is worth the wait:

I’d also be interested in trying food from Buns on Wheels and Street Treats and I definitely want to check out Domo Dogs from Portland.

I’ll be volunteering at Mobile Chowdown’s “Geek Row” to help promote my graduate program–the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media program. What’s the connection? As one of my professors, Anita Verna Crofts, says, “The food truck revolution is closely tied to the social network revolution.”

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Forecast calls for food trucks

When I opened the door this morning to catch the bus for work, my mood darkened to match the clouds in the sky. It was nasty Seattle weather–cold, rainy and windy. I got on the bus, which in these conditions, was a crowded and lurching sauna on wheels.

I trudged to the office. It’s been a really long week at work, and unfortunately it being Friday didn’t provide any respite. A mountain of work awaited me. But my spirits lifted a little when I heard about Mobile Chowdown III. That may be a little surprising since I didn’t have the greatest experience at the first Mobile Chowdown. In fact, that’s why I skipped the second iteration in January.

I’m willing to give the food truck festival another try, however, because now it’s in a new location by Safeco Field (free parking at the field’s garage!) and is featuring more vendors–including food trucks from Portland, where the street food scene is much more developed. Koi Fusion, Whiffies, Burgerville and Potato Champion are all making the road trip.

Many of Seattle’s road-tested favorites will be at Mobile Marination III as well. I’m most excited about lining up in front of Hallava Falafel’s yellow truck.

The event will take place Saturday, March 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and is free to enter. I suggest you bring your own beverages and wear comfy shoes.

And what’s the weather going to be like? Partly sunny.

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