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Part 2: It’s my birthday so I’ll eat what I want to

For lunch, my friend Lynn and I went to Dick’s Drive In. We both had a Dick’s Deluxe, fries and a Diet Coke. I also had an extra cheesburger. I know–gluttonous. But it’s my birthday!

After Dick’s, Lynn and I went to go pick up my birthday cake at Kauai Family Restaurant. While there, I bought a slice of haupia cake because it’s so good, and I wanted dessert.

Haupia cake is white cake with haupia coconut pudding between the layers, frosted with a gelatin whipped cream frosting, and topped with coconut.

Lynn hates coconut, but I insisted she try a bite of the cake, and she loved it. That’s how good Kauai Family cakes are.

It was a delicious lunch. Thanks, Lynn! This song is dedicated to you.

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