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Part 4: It’s my birthday so I’ll eat what I want to

Every Thursday is “Girl’s Night” at my friend Ellen’s house. Ellen usually cooks, but tonight our friend Mahnaz made Indian food for dinner. She had taken a class on Indian cooking and wanted to test her skills. Here’s what was on the menu.

Chicken tikka masala

Dal made with red lentils

Raita with cucumber and tomato and naan

Since it was my birthday, I brought dessert, which was a rainbow cake from Kauai Family Restaurant. The flavors are guava, passion fruit and mango. (For those keeping score, this was the third piece of cake I had today!)

This delicious dinner was a great end to a food-packed day. Happy birthday to me!

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Part 2: It’s my birthday so I’ll eat what I want to

For lunch, my friend Lynn and I went to Dick’s Drive In. We both had a Dick’s Deluxe, fries and a Diet Coke. I also had an extra cheesburger. I know–gluttonous. But it’s my birthday!

After Dick’s, Lynn and I went to go pick up my birthday cake at Kauai Family Restaurant. While there, I bought a slice of haupia cake because it’s so good, and I wanted dessert.

Haupia cake is white cake with haupia coconut pudding between the layers, frosted with a gelatin whipped cream frosting, and topped with coconut.

Lynn hates coconut, but I insisted she try a bite of the cake, and she loved it. That’s how good Kauai Family cakes are.

It was a delicious lunch. Thanks, Lynn! This song is dedicated to you.

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