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Speak any Snacklish?

My husband absolutely hates the Snickers billboard campaign currently running in Seattle and other major cities. The billboards feature random acts of “Snacklish” such as:

-Go camping in the Snackarondacks
-Get dunked on by Patrick Chewing
-Take a field trip to the Peanutarium

And my personal favorite:

The corresponding TV commercials are kind of lame, but I enjoy the billboards, especially because my husband’s irate reaction to them is pretty comical. And being in the marketing biz, I think it’s a clever use of branding. Whether the Snacklish campaign increases sales of Snickers is another matter though.

The “English to Snacklish” translator on Facebook (Danger: Lost productivity at work ahead!) is really fun. My favorite word transformation?

Obama = Chompander in Chief

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