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So Long, and Thanks for All the Turkey Sandwiches

“Sandwich, soup, pie. Do you want anything else?” he asked briskly.

“I’m paying for his too,” I said, gesturing to my husband behind me.

“That’s not what I asked you,” he said, annoyed. “Anything else?”

“No, Jason. Nothing else.”

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My Seattle Food Picks for IFBC Attendees

The International Food Blogger Conference is just a week away, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to eat in Seattle with everyone coming from out of town. I am a proud Seattleite, and I love showing off my city to visitors!

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Here’s the beef

Beef sandwich from Hole in the Wall BBQ

In honor of National Brisket Day, I went to Chuck’s Hole in the Wall BBQ to get a beef sandwich and a side of baked beans.

Hole in the Wall BBQ is a sweet little lunchtime spot in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood that delivers an ode to meat every weekday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. True to it’s name, it’s a small space with very limited seating and usually a long line that snakes down a hill. No worries though–service is fast and friendly and allows downtown workers to make the most of their lunch hour.

And the food? I thoroughly agree with the review Rick S. gave on Yelp:

“The brisket is softer than James Taylor, the hot sauce is hotter and sweeter than the opening riff of ‘When Doves Cry,’ and the baked beans are smoky like Robinson.”

Enough said.

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Attention: Bacon on a skewer

Yes, that’s right. I said bacon on a skewer.

This totally random but tasty food can be found at TIG Asian Tapas Bar in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

My friends and I were lured in to TIG by the promise of a 4:00-10:00 p.m. (!) happy hour. What we found was a extensive menu of Korean dishes and sushi rolls. The happy hour pricing is impressive, with some items only costing $2 (including said bacon). And there is no beverage minimum.

There is also no false advertising. We ordered bacon on a skewer, and that’s exactly what it was–one thick piece of bacon pierced by a stick and drizzled with hoisin sauce (I guess to make it qualify as an Asian tapas).

If you want to take things to the next bacon-y level, there’s also spicy bacon on a skewer. My guess is that it’s fatty pork goodness covered with sriracha.

I also had a salmon and avocado sushi roll and an enormous seafood pancake, which only cost me $7 total. The food was decent but unremarkable.

TIG is one of those restaurants that makes you wonder how in the world it stays in business. My two friends and I were the only people in TIG besides our server and the bartender. Korean pop music blared while completely unrelated videos screened on the wall by our table. I guess it does a lot of business on the weekend when it turns into more of a nightclub. That would explain the miserable state of the women’s bathroom.

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I am breaking up with Grand Central Bakery

I once dated this guy who loved art and literature, had a wicked sense of humor and was passionate about social justice issues. These are all great qualities. Too bad he was a total dick to me. It took me awhile, but I finally learned that someone who is interesting, smart and funny isn’t necessarily good boyfriend material.

This lesson applies to restaurants as well. Restaurants that have good food aren’t necessarily good restaurants. And it’s not good for you to keep going back to them. Case in point: Grand Central Bakery in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

I work by Pioneer Square and often visit Grand Central for lunch. It has great baked goods and yummy soups, salads and sandwiches. You can sit inside in a charming historic building that was once a train station or outside in Occidental Park. It can be a lovely place to go for lunch.

I say it “can be” because nine times out of 10, something goes wrong with my order. Food will be missing, the wrong salad will show up, I order with a group and everyone gets their food but me, and when it does come, it’s 30 minutes later and everyone else is already done eating. The Grand Central staff are always very apologetic and eventually fix it, but why can’t they just get it right?

I went to Grand Central yesterday, and I ordered a whole Italian grinder, a mixed greens side salad and a chocolate chip cookie. I specifically ordered the grinder because I was in a hurry and that sandwich is pre-made. The cashier took my order, I paid and then I waited to pick up my food. The sandwich and salad came up right away, but I noticed that the sandwich was a half and not a whole. I politely informed the counter person that I had ordered a whole sandwich and not a half. She insisted that the order was for someone else and that mine would be coming up shortly. That sounded plausible so I hung around for another 10 minutes. But after countless calls of “Italian grinder and side salad?” to the crowd, soon it became aparent that it was indeed my order, and that they had gotten it wrong. Again.

It was not a huge deal, but I can’t overlook the frequency of botched orders anymore. There are many other restaurants where I can spend my time and money and not leave frustrated.

So goodbye, Grand Central Bakery. It was nice while it lasted.

UPDATE: Gillian Allen-White, general manager and co-owner of Grand Central Bakery, read my blog the day after I posted and sent me a very sincere apology. (Read it in the comments section.) I asked my Facebook community if I should take Grand Central back. Several people–including myself–were impressed at the prompt response to my post. Way to get your Google alerts and actually take action on them. Some thought I had already given Grand Central too many chances.

My decision is stick to my guns and not return to Grand Central, BUT I will not badmouth the cafe. Our breakup can be a healthy one with no bad feelings on either side.

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