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My Seattle Food Picks for IFBC Attendees

The International Food Blogger Conference is just a week away, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to eat in Seattle with everyone coming from out of town. I am a proud Seattleite, and I love showing off my city to visitors!

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The other Melrose place

My husband and I finally got to visit Melrose Market in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and check out Rain Shadow Meats, The Calf & Kid and the new Sitka & Spruce.

The butchers at Rain Shadow Meats had an impressive display case that included whole rabbit and house-made duck confit.

Vegetarians, please avert your eyes.
Rain Shadow Meats

I like the simple sign with “Established 2010.” It gives the appearance of longevity, and then you realize 2010 is now.
Rain Shadow Meats sign

According to its website, Rain Shadow Meats will offer classes in meat and butchery. Sign me up! If I’m going to be a carnivore, I should know more about what I’m eating and how to best prepare it.

Across the way from the butcher is The Calf & Kid cheese shop.
The Calf & Kid cheese shop

Since my husband and I could easily (and happily) spend a whole week’s pay on good cheese, we didn’t linger long, but I could tell even after a quick visit that The Calf & Kid is a cheese lover’s dream come true.

The shop sells lovely things to go along with cheese, such as preserved lemons and olive oil crisp bread.

I was very excited to read on the CHS blog that Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop will be opening a location in Melrose Market and will be using meats and cheeses from Rain Shadow Meats and The Calf & Kid. Homegrown is scheduled to open June 22.

I never got to eat at the old Sitka & Spruce, but I’ll make sure I don’t make the same mistake twice. I’m definitely going to have a meal at the new Melrose Market location. The restaurant’s large open kitchen melts into the dining area and makes it feels like you’re at someone’s house.

And the menu is beguiling as ever. Slipperbread with Vermont cultured butter. Lenrimmad style halibut with creme fraiche, honey and fennel. Wood grilled chorizo, pecorino Tuada and boletus edulis. (I definitely had to look up that last thing. Turns out it’s a mushroom.)

Here’s a peek inside the Sitka & Spruce pantry.
Sitka & Spruce pantry

I’m already impressed with Melrose Market and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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