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The official snack of hip hop

Rap Snacks
I was rummaging around in the garage and stumbled upon a box labeled “Rap Snacks.” Buried treasure!

A few years ago, I started collecting Rap Snacks purely because they make me laugh. How could I resist something named “Bar-b-quin’ With My Honey Flavored Chips?” Each Rap Snacks bag has an illustration of a rapper along with a positive message, which leads to an incongrous (and in my mind, hilarious) effect. For example, Extra Hot Red Hot Riplets features Murphy Lee and the line “Pimp education.” What does that even mean?!

Other fine flavors, rap artists and words to live by:
-Honeydew Cheese Curls, Magic, “Reading is fundamental.”
-Cheezie Nacho, Warren G, “Respect your elders.”
-Sour Cream & Onion, Dirt McGirt, “Think responsibly.”

While I appreciate the sentiment behind Rap Snacks, I’m skeptical that inner city youth (the target audience for Rap Snacks) are going to take these sentiments to heart. Plus why do Rap Snacks have to be so unhealthy? One bag of chips has around 25-30 grams of fat and as much as 1,760 mg of sodium (the daily recommended amount is 1,500).

I realize that when it comes to chips, health isn’t the main priority so it all comes down to taste. I haven’t liked any of the Rap Snacks I’ve sampled, but Taquitos.net gives 11 flavors good reviews. Head down to your local “urban” grocery store/minimart/bodega and try some for yourself. The store undoubetably needs, and will appreciate, your business.


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