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Head Master

Tonight is a TV food competition feast with the finale of Top Chef Masters followed by a supersized season premiere of Top Chef Las Vegas. I’ve really been enjoying watching world-class chefs (and in many cases, former Top Chef judges) duke it out. It’s been fun to see which classic quickfire challenges get brought back too. My favorite was the mise en place relay race. From the very start, I wanted Hubert Keller to win, and I hope he takes the title tonight. He totally rocked the dorm room challenge. Although I wouldn’t mind if Rick Bayless won either. I think I have a celebrity crush on him. (This has never happened before with a chef.) I think he’s really hot! I’ve always enjoyed Michael Chiarello’s cooking shows, but I don’t like him on Top Chef Masters. He has come off as an arrogant jerk. I wonder if the producers were looking for a villain and decided he should be the one. In any case, his neediness to win has really turned me off. Go Hubert!

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