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And then there were three

Top Chef contestant Jennifer Carroll

Since Jen didn't make it to the finale, who am I going to root for now?

The season 6 Top Chef finale is tonight, and I am really bummed that Jen isn’t in the running to win it all.

Jen wasn’t any of the female reality show archetypes: bitch, ditz or slut. She was a strong competitor but by no means perfect. In fact, I think I liked her because she showed vulenrability. Jen genuinely seemed herself on Top Chef, which is a hard feat to pull off when you’re on a reality show. I even got a little teary myself when she started crying during her exit interview. Hey, you gotta feel for a woman who drives a 2000 Chevy Cavalier.

So who is going to win it all: Kevin, Michael or Bryan? Even without Jen, it’s a strong group of chefs and any of them deserve the Top Chef title.

I wish the Voltaggio brothers had a chance to go head-to-head or maybe cook together as a team on the show. I wonder how that would go. I predict that the elder Bryan will best Michael and Kevin, but perhaps the brothers V will cancel each other out and Kevin will be victorious.

After tonight, I’ll be looking forward to Top Chef: Just Desserts. Bring on the pastry chefs!

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