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When Ellen is away, penne is in play

I will eat just about anything and have few food hang-ups. So I find people’s food dislikes and “food rules” fascinating. For example, my friend Ellen, the fabulous host of the Thursday “Girl’s Night” dinners, doesn’t like any kind of short pasta. To Ellen, pasta means noodles, and noodles only. To each her own, but what this means is that Ellen, who loves comfort food, doesn’t partake in the ultimate comfort food–macaroni and cheese. This is totally baffling to me!

Ellen was out of town this past Thursday, but all of us still gathered for Thursday night dinner. Since Ellen wasn’t going to be there, Michelle decided to make penne with cheese and ham for our entree. It was delicious and the perfect thing to tuck into on a cold autumn night.

Pasta and cheese

Tara made two great side dishes: stuffed mushrooms and a cold carrot salad.

Stuffed mushrooms

Carrot salad

I had the pleasure of preparing dessert this week, and I chose to make a pear and ginger crisp. The recipe called for chopped up crystallized ginger in the topping, which added a nice spiciness and aroma to the dish.

Pear and ginger crisp

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