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Newman’s delicious legacy

I don’t care for prepared salad dressing (it takes less than five minutes to make your own), but on the rare ocassion when I do buy some, it’s usually a bottle of Newman’s Own. They are made of quality ingredients and consistently taste good no matter what variety you try. And the profits go to charity! After Paul Newman passed away last week, I bought some Lite Caesar in tribute to him.

I love the labels on the Newman’s Own products. They all feature Paul Newman in some form or another. The Lite Caesar has a Roman bust in Newman’s likeness. The fig newtons show Newman and wife Joanne Woodward dressed as the farmer and wife from the American Gothic painting. I think this shows that Newman never took himself too seriously, and I like that he often made fun of his good looks.

I enjoy all of Newman’s classic roles, but one of my favorite performances of his was in “The Hudsucker Proxy.” His character, Sidney J. Mussburger, is so cold, he finishes smoking the cigar of a man who has just committed suicide. He says, “A Monte Cristo is too good to waste.”

Here’s to a great actor, philanthropist and salad dressing king (his pasta sauces aren’t bad either).

Random food fact: Ted Allen’s “Food Detectives” found out that is indeed possible to eat 50 eggs like Newman’s character did in “Cool Hand Luke.”

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