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It’s a beautiful day to go Ma Kai

Kimchi fried rice and kalbi beef tacos at Marination Ma Kai in West Seattle

Anybody who has lived in Seattle for even a short period knows that it is not usually 70 degrees and sunny in October.

However, it appears that Seattleites will get a few more days of extended-play summer, and I can think of no better way to celebrate by visiting the new Marination Ma Kai.

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“Bakery meets bliss”

For months, my friend Bev has urged me to try the twice baked almond croissant at Bakery Nouveau, but for some reason I never got around to it until I was at the bakery a few weeks ago to buy dessert for Thursday night dinner: Polish edition.

When I took a bite of the twice baked almond croissant, I instantly regretted not having one much, much sooner. (Bev, you were so right!) The croissant is crisp and flaky, but doesn’t break into a million tiny pieces when you eat it. The almond flavor rings true and is not overly sweet.

If you’re having a Christmas breakfast, I highly recommend you add some twice baked almond croissants to your menu. And if you need a last-minute gift for your favorite pastry addict, the bakery also sells twice bake almond croissant t-shirts. Bakery Nouveau is open until 6:00 p.m. December 24. Don’t make the same mistake I did–get there soon!

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Grinning from ear to ear

For me, one of the quintessential summer foods is roasted corn. And now I don’t have to wait for the next barbecue or summer festival to get some. I’ve found three roasted corn stands in the Seattle area that make succulent summer corn even better by slathering it with margarine, mayo, spices, lemon and parmesan cheese.

The first stand I encountered is located next to Tony’s Market in West Seattle (9050 35th Ave. SW, Seattle 98126). Check out pics on the West Seattle Blog.

A few miles east in White Center, there’s another roasted corn stand next to Taqueria La Fondita #2, one of the best taco trucks around (9811 15th Ave. SW, Seattle 98106). Some of the workers at the corn stand were eating watermelon with the same spice mix they put on the corn. I’ll have to try that!

On Beacon Hill, there is Roasted Corn El Oaxaqueno located in the parking lot of MacPherson’s Fruit and Produce (4500 15th Ave S., Seattle 98108). The Tofu Hunter has a good review and photos of this stand.

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