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Choose your own (alcoholic) adventure

My friend Lynn and I recently had dinner in the bar at Lola in downtown Seattle. When the bartender, Ian, asked us what we wanted to drink, Lynn said she wanted something that was like an Irish coffee but better. More like a hot chocolate.

Ian said he would make up a new drink as long as we came up with a name for it. The mixologist went to work, and the result was a warm and cozy drink that was also spicy and creamy. I liked that you could tell that it had alcohol in it, but the liquor didn’t overpower all other flavors. We christened the new concoction “Lynn’s Clove and Cocoa.” Here’s what goes into the drink:

Half an ounce of tuaca, followed by 3/4 ounce creme de cacao.

Half an ounce of falernum, which I had never heard of, but apparently, I’ve drunk a lot of it because of my love of tiki drinks. Lola makes their own falernum for its bar. (Hence the handwritten, masking tape label on the bottle.)

Next come five dashes of chocolate bitters and then you top everything off with some steamed milk.

Ian wrote down the recipe on the back of a coaster and put it in his drink recipe file. (Who knew bartenders had such a thing? But I guess it makes sense.)

So if you happen to be at Lola on a Sunday or Monday when Ian is working, order a clove and cocoa. Tell him Lynn sent you.

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